Client Login Extension Browser

Clicking the Did you forget your password? link launches the restricted browser that can only go to the URL designated in the Client Login Extension Configuration utility. The restricted browser performs the following:

  • Verifies that the protocol is HTTPS
  • Validates the hostname provided in the URL
  • Verifies that the target Web site is operating in Internet Explorer’s restricted sites zone
  • Disables hotkeys
  • Disables tabs
  • Disables right-clicking
  • Disables ActiveX*
  • Disables scripts
  • Runs on its own process, separate from the Winlogon process
  • Browser will not work with cookies (We found this out by trail and error. The browser does not tell you it will not use cookies but it will not use them.)

No Cookies#

We found it necessary to create a context.xml file within the WEB-INF directory of our Jboss Struts application with the following contents:
<Context cookies="false" crossContext="true"></Context>