Cloud Pricing


Cloud Pricing Cloud costs are always a big concern.

Generically, most Cloud Service Providers charge for resources:

There may be discount for:

  • Different Cloud Regions
  • Reserving Cloud Resources
  • Paying up-front
  • Spot - basically enables you to bid a price and you can choose whatever price that you want for instance capacity
    • May be only be available at unscheduled times
    • May be interrupted preempted

Cloud Pricing AWS#

AWS Cloud Pricing generally follows:
  • Pay-as-you-go On demand
    • Some services are by the second and some by the hour and some by the ...
  • Reserved
    • All Up-Front (AURI)
    • Partial up-front (PURI)
    • No up-front (NURI)
  • Spot - Billed by hour
  • Dedicated Host - may be required for Regulatory compliance requirements that may not support multi tenant

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