Command-and-Control Management


Command-and-Control Management "is a style of Management that uses standards, procedures, and output statistics to regulate the organization"

Ldapwiki uses a distinction between Managers and Leadership as someone once said:

Command-and-Control Management remains pervasive throughout Organizational Entities, Government Entities, and Not-for-profit Entities. Bnet.com defines command-and-control as: …a style of leadership that uses standards, procedures, and output statistics to regulate the organization. A command and control approach to leadership is authoritative in nature and uses a top-down approach, which fits well in bureaucratic organizations in which privilege and power are vested in senior management. It is founded on, and emphasizes a distinction between, executives on the one hand and workers on the other. It stems from the principles of Frederick Winslow Taylor, and the applications of Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. As more empowered, flat organizations have come to the fore, command and control leaders have been increasingly criticized for stifling creativity and limiting flexibility

According to John Seddon’s book, Freedom from Command & Control: Rethinking Management for Lean Service, command-and-control is still the dominant style of leadership. The author attributes the persistence of this style to leaders not knowing that there is a better way. He writes: The better way has a completely different rationale to command and control, and that, perhaps, is the reason it remains unknown. It is difficult to understand a different logic. People interpret what they hear from within their current frame of reference, so that what they “hear” is not necessarily what is meant – it is the frame of reference from which they “understand” that gets in the way of understanding.

Business leaders today are exposed to every management theory and best practice. However, switching to a people-centered approach means Delegation of control to others and trusting that employees will not abuse that responsibility.

Command-and-Control Management is contrasted to Agile Manifesto and Lean Enterprise

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