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Comments on our Dump Edirectory Password Information Tool

From: Michael Ströder
Date: 2009/8/13
Subject: Re: Extract Universal Password in clear
To: Jim Willeke
... Jim, many thanks for this tool. This sure will be helpful in a project just like your other support with interop testing with web2ldap.
Ciao, Michael.

Geoffrey Carman (aka geoffc) works at Computer Integrated Services Company of New York.#

"But I really like the tool Jim Willeke wrote: DumpEdirectoryPasswordInformationTool

I call it DumpUP since it is easier to type. This is a truly awesome tool, and I use it all the time. "

Heck, he even wrote an article on the tool.

Aaron Burgemeister, Engineer at Novell #

That's the neatest thing I've seen in a while...... that is the neatest and easiest-to-use thing I have seen in quite some time. Didn't even require me exporting a certificate (though the keystore is an option there). Worked perfectly the first time I even tried running it which is very impressive. Awesome job!