Commerce Control list


Commerce Control list (CCL) is a list of all export restrictions maintained by United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security where all items have a Export Control Classification Number (ECCN).

Each item on the Commerce Control list is classified by its type and function.

Commerce Control list classifies items into 10 categories and 5 groups.

If an item is not listed on the Commerce Control list, then it is considered Export Control Classification Number "EAR99" which has minimal export restrictions.

Commerce Control list is in 15 CFR ยง774, Supplement 1).

Commerce Control list unofficial electronic EAR files created by Bureau of Industry and Security

Incorporation of revisions pursuant to Federal Register regulatory publications are completed by Bureau of Industry and Security within 72 hours to the best of our abilities. While we strive for perfection, we do make mistakes from time to time. You may email any errors that you find to RPD2@bis.doc.gov.

Commerce Control list index of items is accessible at:
Commerce Control list.

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