Complex Event Processing


Complex Event Processing (CEP) Complex Event Processing (CEP) is one of the critical components of Metric Analysis that combines data from multiple sources: to infer events or patterns that suggest more complicated circumstances.

The goal of Complex Event Processing is to determine Actionable Intelligence events such as

and respond to them as quickly as possible.

These events may be happening across the various layers of an organization as sales leads, orders or customer service calls. Or, they may be news items, API Metrics, Other Metrics, LDAP Metrics, text messages, social media posts, stock market feeds, traffic reports, weather reports, or other kinds of data. An event may also be defined as a "change of state," when a measurement exceeds a predefined threshold of time, temperature, or other value. Analysts suggest that CEP will give organizations a new way to analyze patterns in real-time and help the business side communicate better with IT and service departments.[5]

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