A Custom Menu Driven Script used for a couple of Clients.

This is a custom script and may not be on your system.


This is the output from the ndscheck.sh script.

The /var/nds/ndscheck.log file is the log file for the ndscheck shell script.

Typical contents are:

2005,06,13,01:20:01,Scheduled maintenance window; exiting without action.
2005,06,13,10:10:01,All OK
2005,06,13,10:20:01,All OK
2005,06,13,10:30:01,All OK
2005,06,13,10:40:01,All OK
2005,06,13,10:50:01,All OK
2005,06,13,11:00:01,All OK
2005,06,13,11:10:01,All OK

Usually there is no need to check this file unless soemthing is broken witht he ndscheck.sh functionality.

For details on the ndscheck operaton.

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