eDirectory/DirXML and iManager must be installed, configured, and run as 'root' on Solaris and Linux servers. In production, administrators of these products typically will not have access to directly log in as 'root' -- instead, access to run certain commands as 'root' is granted using the sudo utility.
  1. As root, run: /usr/local/sbin/visudo
  2. Open a copy of the sample sudoers file in your favorite text editor -- preferrably on your client workstation. A sample is in edir.dev/Directory-Info.com/samples/sudoers; also, an example is posted here for convenience:
    Sample sudoers Configuration
  3. Modify the Host_Alias definitions near the top of the file to include the hostname(s) of the server(s) being configured.
  4. If the ndsuser home directory is somewhere other than /admin/home/ndsuser, look for reference to the path to the nds-menu.sh file and change it.
  5. Select all text, copy it to your clipboard.
  6. In visudo, scroll to the bottom of the existing contents.
  7. Press 'o' to insert a new line and enter INSERT mode.
  8. Paste the text from your clipboard. Press ESC to exit INSERT mode.
  9. Type :wq to save the changes and exit visudo.

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