Context Provider


Context Provider (CP) is a Provider of services adds support for one or more kinds of Contexts to as was defined in the Higgins Project framework.

Context Provider generically as used by Ldapwiki is a provider of Contextual Attributes which might be used within an Access Control Service for Authorization decisions.

Higgins Project framework#

Context Provider adds support for one or more kinds of Contexts to the Identity Attribute Service framework. These Contexts contain Nodes/Entities that hold attributes. A context provider is responsible for its internal data management, security, encryption, persistence, etc. The provider provides the uni- or bi-directional transformation of data from its internal structures to the normalized IDaaS data model. In many cases these Context Providers act as adapters or "wrappers" of existing services such as communications systems, collaboration systems, Social networks, Identity Provider (IDP), games, enterprise apps, and so on. In addition to web services, Context Provider can also adapt client-side applications such as email clients, IM and other messaging and collaboration apps.

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