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Continuity of Care Document (CCD) specification is an XML-based markup standard intended to specify the encoding, structure, and semantics of a patient summary of Clinical Data for exchange.

Continuity of Care Document is based on the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard that the content of the document consists of a mandatory textual part (which ensures human interpretation of the document contents) and optional structured parts (for software processing). The structured part is based on the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM) and provides a framework for referring to concepts from coding systems.

Continuity of Care Document has a patient summary contains a core data set of the most relevant administrative, demographic, and Clinical Data facts about a patient's healthcare, covering one or more healthcare encounters. It provides a means for one healthcare practitioner, system, or setting to aggregate all of the pertinent data about a patient and forward it to another practitioner, system, or setting to support the continuity of care. Its primary use case is to provide a snapshot in time containing the pertinent clinical, demographic, and administrative data for a specific patient.

Continuity of Care Document (CCD) is a joint effort of HL7 International and ASTM.

  • Continuity of Care Document fosters interoperability of Clinical Data by allowing physicians to send electronic medical information to other providers without loss of meaning and enabling improvement of patient care.
  • Continuity of Care Document is an implementation guide for sharing Continuity of Care Record (CCR) patient summary data using the HL7 Version 3 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), Release 2.
  • Continuity of Care Document establishes a rich set of templates representing the typical sections of a summary record, and expresses these templates as constraints on CDA. These same templates for vital signs, family history, plan of care, and so onĂ‘can then be reused in other CDA document types, establishing interoperability across a wide range of Clinical Data use cases.

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