Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe


Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe (COSINE) objectives are to establish a pan-European computer-based network infrastructure that enables research workers to communicate with each other using Open Systems facilitate the introduction of and contribute to the market pull for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) ensure that the infrastructure established becomes financially self-supporting.

The project began with a specification phase undertaken by RARE (Rseaux Associs pour la Recherche Europenne) which concluded in autumn 1988. During 1989, work began on the implementation phase, again undertaken by RARE, which has established the COSINE Project Management Unit (CPMU) to carry out the work on its behalf.

COSINE includes a number of subprojects and pilot services. The first pilot service to be available was the IXI X.25 backbone network. Several more are now underway, expanding on the ser vices already used at local and national level to bring Europe-wide connectivity in electronic mail, directories and information services. Further sub-projects and services are being established. The aim is that the complete infrastructure should be self-sustaining by the end of the COSINE implementation phase. The sub-projects being implemented are:

  • ftam north american gateway
  • international x.500 directory services (paradise)
  • support and information service (concise)
  • activities to support typical international user groups
  • osi connectionless-mode network service trials.

Contracts for ftam interoperability testing and full-screen terminal services sub-projects are under negotiation, and one on security mechanisms is being prepared. The pilot services provided to the user community are ixi and x.400 mhs message-handling services (interworking of national R&D management domains and US gateway). Expand / Contract(-)

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