Courion Access Assurance Suite 8.0. According to PR tyro Brian Alberti, "Courion Access Assurance Suite 8.0 will not only identify inconsistencies in user access, but will automate the remediation process and alert IT in order to reduce risk from data breaches before they happen. Best of all, the solution leverages the existing infrastructure of an enterprise, pulling together access data in a vendor-agnostic manner, no matter what types of applications or services are in use." He then unloaded some alphabet soup on me, claiming the new product "will be the first in the industry to tie together IAM identity and access management, DLP data-loss prevention and SIEM security information and event management data in order to create a holistic view of how sensitive data is being used within enterprises."

Courion delivers identity & access management (IAM) and compliance solutions that serve as the cornerstone of an organization's governance, risk and compliance strategy. Courion addresses the essential business processes of IAM, particularly with regard to user provisioning, password management, compliance management and role management.

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