Tired of consultants that do not listen?#

How many times have you been speaking with a consultant and ended up listening to their ideas on how to run your business and they would not listen to your ideas?

We see this all to often in working with clients. A consultant with great technical knowledge whom wants to let you know how "smart" he is but will not take the time to listen to what your needs really are.

Tired of Consultants that do not Deliver?#

How many projects have you paid for that were perhaps technically completed but you ended up with more surprises (ie. more money and problems) than if you would have done the job yourself?

We strive to listen to your concerns and expectations and create work with you to create a solution that will meet your expectations. We insist that you be the first one to know of any issues so you do not get blind-sided as the project is wrapping up.

As proven experienced and successful managers, we possess the track record, technical knowledge, and expertise to effectively:

  • LISTEN to your concerns and expectations.
  • Work with you to develop solutions to move your organization forward.
  • A proven track record demonstrating successful implementation and execution of multi-million dollar projects.
  • An effective communicator, team leader and negotiator with vendors as well as internal customers.

Our work with leading consulting firms at some of the largest companies coupled experience of owning and operating our own businesses allow us to apply the best that today’s computer technology has to offer from a more creative point of view than many other Informational technologists. As a result, we process a rare talent for turning challenges into solutions that can yield results.

Having had the opportunity to be business owners and employed with very large corporations has provided us with unique insights to how teams work. The benefits of our experience with an innate ability to grasp complex systems of both the technological and inter-personal areas allows us to bring talents to your organization that would probably not be available from other providers.