Credential Vault


Credential Vault (or Password Manager) is any software application or hardware that helps a user store and organize Credentials (Passwords, Secret-keys, etc).

Credential Vault hopefully store Credentials using encryption, requiring the user to create a master password: a single, ideally very strong password which grants the user access to their entire Credential database.

Credential Vault may store Credentials on the user's Device (called offline password managers), whereas others store Credentials in the provider's Cloud Data Store (often called online password managers). However offline password managers also offer Data Store in the user's own Cloud Service Provider rather than the provider's cloud.

Credential Vault is to securely store large collections of Credentials, many provide additional features such as Form Fill Process and password or Credential generation.

Credential Vault may be a Keystore.

Many LDAP server implementations are is also a Credential Vault.

Cloud Service Providers typically have some implementation of a Credential Vault often called a Key Management Service.

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