Custom LDAP Tools

You have been doing some manual task and have written out a procedure to perform the task but the task still does not get done the way the procedure was written.

You know how to extract data from some source (database, LDAP or other) and then you do several massages of the data to present a report to people for their use. Now they want the report every week.

Sound familiar to you?#

We can help. We have written hundreds of tools for clients that will automate tasks so they are performed the way and when you need them performed. With deep knowledge and experience in LDAP, Active Directory and NDS, we can create tools that will work.

We do our programing work in both Java and .NET (or Mono)

We do extensive reporting and data mining of data from any(?) source.

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Publicly Available LDAP Tools#

We have located some LDAP Browsers and some of our Tools are available for you to use.

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