Custom Password Self Service How

Sequence of operation#

  • User Provides their login name
  • Application validates the user exists within LDAP
  • Application validates the user is allowed to use Self Service
  • Application retrieves challenge questions from eDirectory for User
  • Application submits SASL Bind to eDirectory
  • Increments a session counter to restrict the number of times the user may attempt to bind to eDirectory

If the bind is successful, then:

  • The application can clear a value on the user to clear lockouts from Intruders.
  • We have also made calls to Active Directory and cleared the attribute "lockouttime" is present and is not "0"
    • Set the value to "0" (Only value you can Set it too which effectively unlocks the AD account)
  • Display the eDirectory password to the user.

Other application Features

  • Extensive Logging via LOG4J
  • Extensive Parametrization of run-time settings
  • All labels and Messages are Customizable
  • Utilizes JSF Framework
  • Easily Customized JSP Files for your Look-and-feel

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