DID method specification


DID method specification is a parameter in a W3C Decentralized Identifier and is a definition of how a specific DID scheme can be implemented on a specific Distributed Ledger Technology or network, including the precise method(s) by which DIDs and DID Documents can be read, written, and revoked.

DID method specification is expressed as a the value of the method parameter within a DID which MUST define exactly one specific DID scheme identified by exactly one method "specific-idstring"

DID method specification#

The W3C Decentralized Identifiers specification outlines the necessary operations any DID method specification must implement. Different methods outlines the way to create, retrieve, and update the DID and it's associate DID Document.

No DID method specification Registry #

Since DIDs are intended for decentralized identity infrastructure, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to establish a registry of unique DID method names. Rather the uniqueness of DID method specification names should be established via human consensus, i.e., a specific DID scheme MUST use a method name that is unique among all DID method specification names known to the specification authors at the time of publication.
Ldapwiki does not understand how this is possible.

A list of known DID method names and their associated specifications is provided in a W3C registry at: DID Method Registry

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