DID method specification


DID method specification is a parameter in a W3C Decentralized Identifier and is a definition of how a specific DID scheme can be implemented on a specific Distributed Ledger Technology or network, including the precise method(s) by which DIDs and DID Documents can be read, written, and revoked.

DID method specification is expressed as a the value of the method parameter within a DID which MUST define exactly one specific DID scheme identified by exactly one method "specific-idstring"

Since DIDs are intended for decentralized identity infrastructure, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to establish a registry of unique DID method names. Rather the uniqueness of DID method specification names should be established via human consensus, i.e., a specific DID scheme MUST use a method name that is unique among all DID method specification names known to the specification authors at the time of publication.

Ldapwiki does not understand how this is possible.

A list of known DID method names and their associated specifications is provided in a W3C registry at: DID Method Registry

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