DNS Queries over HTTPS

Overview [1][2]#

DNS Queries over HTTPS is an Internet Draft presented by Mozilla on DNS Queries over HTTPS (DNS over HTTPS)

Cloudflare has a Resolver#

A Query similar to: https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query?ct=application/dns-json&name=ldapwiki.com&type=AAAA


    "Status": 0,
    "TC": false,
    "RD": true,
    "RA": true,
    "AD": false,
    "CD": false,
    "Question": [
            "name": "ldapwiki.com.",
            "type": 28
    "Authority": [
            "name": "ldapwiki.com.",
            "type": 6,
            "TTL": 300,
            "data": "ns-cloud-a1.googledomains.com. cloud-dns-hostmaster.google.com. 16 21600 3600 259200 300"
When Ldapwiki tried this:
using HTTP Request Header Accept=application/dns-json and not using ?ct=application/dns-json also worked.

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