DSI_ENTRY_FLAGS are the values that would be encountered for entryFlags.

From LDAP entryFlags are expressed as an Integer Bitmask


Flag NameC ValueDescription
DS_ALIAS_ENTRY0x0001Indicates that the entry is an aliasObject.
DS_PARTITION_ROOT0x0002Indicates that the entry is the root partition.
DS_CONTAINER_ENTRY0x0004Indicates that the entry is a container object and not a container alias.
DS_CONTAINER_ALIAS0x0008Indicates that the entry is a container alias.
DS_MATCHES_LIST_FILTER0x0010Indicates that the entry matches the List filter.
DS_REFERENCE_ENTRY0x0020Indicates that the entry has been created as a reference rather than an entry. The synchronization process is still running and has not created an entry for the object on this replica.
DS_40X_REFERENCE_ENTRY0x0040Indicates that the entry is a reference rather than the object. The reference is in the older 4.0x form and appears only when upgrading.
DS_BACKLINKED0x0080Indicates that the entry is being back Linked.
DS_NEW_ENTRY0x0100Indicates that the entry is new and replicas are still being updated.
DS_TEMPORARY_REFERENCE0x0200Indicates that an external reference has been temporarily created for authentication; when the object logs out, the temporary reference is deleted.
DS_AUDITED0x0400Indicates that the entry is being audited.
DS_ENTRY_NOT_PRESENT0x0800Indicates that the state of the entry is not present.
DS_ENTRY_VERIFY_CTS0x1000Indicates the entry's creation timestamp needs to be verified. eDirectory sets this flag when a replica is removed or upgraded from NetWare 4.11 to NetWare 5.
DS_ENTRY_DAMAGED0x2000Indicates that the entry's information does not conform to the standard format and is therefore damaged.

Common Values#

These are some common values for DSI_ENTRY_FLAGS as seen from LDAP:

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