Data Pedigree


Data Pedigree refers to the data relationship to an authoritative Entity.

Data Pedigree is an attribute of Data Provenance and could be provided as metadata.

Data Pedigree should be considered during Data Classification

Essentially, Data Pedigree allows for a Relying Party to better understand the process by which an data is generated and to determine whether or not it is from an acceptable authoritative Entity.

Recommended values for this element include:

Taken in conjunction with the accuracy metadata, this information can enable the Relying Party to better understand the Data Provenance of an attribute value, how it relates to its authoritative source, and how it has been verified — all of which help an Relying Party establish a more complete picture of the value’s Level Of Assurance.

Privacy Considerations#

Data Pedigree might involve divulging an entity's relationship with a particular Authoritative Entity which could allow for broader Identity Correlation and the sharing of data that the entity might not know is being passed on and might not consent to be passed on.

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