Data Swamp


Data Swamp are Data-lakes or Data warehouses where the Organizational Entity has been stuffing data without any understanding of the data.

Organizational Entity's often collect everything, and then store it. They are collecting Data with the intention of using it “when they finally make the decision to use it.” While these Organizational Entities might believe they are collecting years of historical data, in reality, the data may lack quality, or quantity or be Actionable Intelligence

Their resources would be better used collecting data that has Business value. An organization can be smart about the data it collects and stores in its Data Lake. Data takes time and money to store, organize, and govern. Collecting Actionable Intelligence, rather than "all" data can be an efficient strategy for small and midsize organizations. Focusing on collecting Actionable Intelligence allows a business to use cost-effective solutions in processing it. Gathering only the Actionable Intelligence can simplify the use of Self-Service BI tools, keeping staff from getting lost in masses of irrelevant data.

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