Database initialization

Database Initialization #

The Database Initialization (DB Init) is an EDirectory Background Processes that is automatically initiated whenever the file system is mounted on the eDirectory server. It also executes whenever the eDirectory database is opened or when eDirectory is reloaded. DB Init is responsible for

  • Verifying the usability of the eDirectory database files on this server
  • Scheduling the running of other eDirectory background processes
  • Initializing the various global variables and data structures used by eDirectory
  • Opening the eDirectory database files for use by the version of eDirectory running on this server

Database initialization automatically executes whenever the eDirectory service starts.

Subsequent executions of this process are triggered by a request to open the server's eDirectory database. This request can be generated by a client or by unloading and reloading the eDirectory service on the server.

Database initialization occurs whenever the DSA is loaded.

Monitoring #

NDSTrace provides the capability to monitor the DB Init process directly by setting the "INIT" filter.

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