DateTime is typically a data-type that is a DateTime or Date Form or Timestamp

Specific details of the data-type DateTime are context dependent.

DateTime generally implies there are both a date and a time.

ISO 8601 and DateTime (or Date-Time)#

ISO 8601 allows the following Date and Time formats:

JSON and DateTime#

JSON itself does not specify how Date-Time should be represented, but JavaScript does.

You should use the format emitted by Date's to JSON method:


Here's why:

  • It's human readable but also succinct
  • It sorts correctly
  • It includes fractional seconds, which can help re-establish chronology
  • It conforms to ISO 8601
  • ISO 8601 has been well-established internationally for more than a decade
  • ISO 8601 is endorsed by W3C, RFC 3339, and XKCD

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