Debugging Fanout Driver


NOTE: all locations are shown as defaults; file locations may vary based on OS Platform and your specific installation.

When debugging for your own troubleshooting or for Novell Support, please obtain the following information:

Fanout Core Driver Debugging#

Details for Fanout Core Driver Debugging

Fanout Platform Debugging#

Details for Fanout Platform Debugging

Fan-out Driver and iManager#

You can also circumvent using the iManager plug-in by pointing your browser directly to port 3451.. this may eliminate the possiblility of a iManager or iManager plug-in bug.

Things The Docs Never Tell You#

Be sure to set the password for the for Master User: cn=ASAM System,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com. If this is not set and you try to start the driver, eDirectory Cores.

More Information#

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