Decentralized Identifier


Decentralized Identifier (DID) is a component of the W3C Decentralized Identifiers draft standard and is a globally unique identifier expressed as a URI.

Decentralized Identifier may relate generically refer a DID Document or to a specific DID Subject's DID

The generic DID URI Scheme conformant with RFC 3986. Decentralized Identifier consists of a DID followed by an optional URI Path and/or URI Fragment Identifier. The term DID refers only to the identifier conforming to the did rule in the ABNF below; when used alone, it does not include a URI Path or URI Fragment Identifier. A DID that may optionally include a path and/or fragment is called a DID reference.

Following is the ABNF definition using the syntax in RFC 5234 (which defines ALPHA as UPPERCASE or Lowercase A-Z).

  • did-reference = did [ "/" did-path ] "#" did-fragment
  • did = "did:" method ":" specific-idstring
  • method = 1*methodchar
  • methodchar = %x61-7A / DIGIT
  • specific-idstring = idstring *( ":" idstring )
  • idstring = 1*idchar
  • idchar = ALPHA / DIGIT / "." / "-"

Decentralized Identifier Specification #

Decentralized Identifier Specification has two purposes:

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