ContextId or (ContextRef)
  • A ContextId is a URI that identifies one Context.
  • ContextIds either directly or indirectly (e.g. by conventions, lookups, etc.) provide sufficient information to identify a Context.
  • Two different ContextIds may refer to the same Context.
  • If two ContextIds are equal, they refer to the same underlying Context dataset, although not necessarily the same Context "container" instance, and, based on the authorization of the Digital Identity passed in during authentication, may only be permitted to see a subset of its contents.
  • A given ContextId may be used against multiple Context Providers to produce the same Context (although, as mentioned, different Context instances).
  • ContextIds MAY be XRIs.
  • ContextIds MUST be subdivideable by "/" (e.g. to allow constructing through the following possible kind of concatenation: <contextId-root>/<schemaType>/<object-identifier>)
  • ContextIds are used by the Identity Attribute Service (IdAS) API