Deleted object


Deleted object represents an entity that is marked for deletion but has not yet been removed.

Deleted object Microsoft Active Directory#

Microsoft Active Directory has several entries which are processed for a Deleted object:

Normally, only leaf objects (objects without descendants in the directory tree) can be deleted. There is also a special Subtree Delete Control operation, with which whole trees of objects are removed

In most cases, upon deletion, a tombstone, deleted-object, or recycled-object is moved into the Deleted object container of its NC. for exceptions see section

The RDN of the Deleted object is changed to a "delete-mangled RDN"-an RDN that is guaranteed to be unique within the Deleted Objects container. If O is the object that is deleted, the delete-mangled RDN is the concatenation of O!name, the character with value 0x0A, the string "DEL:", and the dashed string representation (RFC 4122 section 3) of O!objectGUID.

During this concatenation, if required, the O!name part is truncated to ensure that the length of the delete-mangled RDN does not violate the RDN size constraint. The RDN attribute of this object is also set to this delete-mangled RDN value. The illegal character constraint regarding a character with the value 0xA is not enforced for this delete-mangled Relative Distinguished Name. Also, the rangeUpper constraint for the RDN attribute of this object is not enforced. A "delete-mangled DN" is a DN such that the leaf RDN is a delete-mangled RDN.

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