Delivery Method

Overview #

A value of the Delivery Method LDAPSyntaxes is a sequence of items that indicate, in preference order, the service(s) by which an entity is willing and/or capable of receiving messages. The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this syntax is defined by the following ABNF:
      DeliveryMethod = pdm *( WSP DOLLAR WSP pdm )

      pdm = "any" / "mhs" / "physical" / "telex" / "teletex" /
            "g3fax" / "g4fax" / "ia5" / "videotex" / "telephone"
The <WSP> and <DOLLAR> rules are defined in RFC 4512.

Example: telephone $ videotex

The OID for Delivery Method is

The Delivery Method corresponds to the following ASN.1 type from X.520:

          any-delivery-method     (0),
          mhs-delivery            (1),
          physical-delivery       (2),
          telex-delivery          (3),
          teletex-delivery        (4),
          g3-facsimile-delivery   (5),
          g4-facsimile-delivery   (6),
          ia5-terminal-delivery   (7),
          videotex-delivery       (8),
          telephone-delivery      (9) }

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