Octet String#

Used for attributes whose values are byte strings and are not interpreted by eDirectory.

Syntax ID#

  1. define SYN_OCTET_STRING 9

LDAP Name#

Octet String


API Data Structure#

typedef struct
    nuint32     length; 
    pnuint8     data; 
 } Octet_String_T;

Transfer Format#

  • uint32 Length = N
  • BYTEN Content

LDAP Format#

This syntax can only be transmitted in binary form.

Matching Rules#

For two octet strings to match, they must be the same length and the corresponding bit sequence (octets) must be identical. When comparing two strings, the first pair of octets that do not match are used to determine the order of the strings.
  • Equality
  • Ordering


For help in understanding the syntax definition template, see Reading Syntax Definitions.

Other Information#

  • Attributes using this syntax can set size limits.
  • Octet strings are not Unicode strings.

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