Device Inventory Service


Device Inventory Service (component of BeyondCorp) is an inventory is the primary prerequisite to any inventory-based Access Control.

Depending on your environment and Security Policy, you may need to make a concerted effort to distinguish between devices and hosts. A device is a collection of physical or virtual components that act as a computer, whereas a host is a snapshot of the state of a device at a given point in time.

For example, a device might be a laptop or a Mobile Device, while a host would be the specifics of the Operating System and software running on that device. The Device Inventory Service contains information on devices, their associated hosts, and trust decisions for both.

In BeyondCorp, the generic term "device" can refer to either a physical device or a host, depending on the configuration of the access policy. After a basic inventory has been established, the remainder of the components discussed below can be deployed as desired in order to provide improved security, coverage, granularity, latency, and flexibility



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