Differences between LDAP 2 and 3 Protocols


Differences between LDAP 2 and 3 Protocols

The most obvious differences between the two LDAP versions are in the LDAP Message and LDAP Result structures. LDAPv3 has replaced the Search Response field with these new fields.

The Search operation uses the extendedResp field if the original LDAP Message used the extendReq field.

LDAPv3 LDAP Result added these new fields:

LDAPv3 adds the following features to LDAP which were not available in LDAPv2:

LDAPv2 is considered historic (RFC 3494). Interoperability amongst LDAP Server Implementations claiming LDAPv2 support is limited. LDAPv2 should be avoided.
Protocol elementMustRFCLDAPv2 ShouldLDAPv2 MayLDAPv3 MustLDAPv3 ShouldLDAPv3 MayStandardCompliant
Auxiliary classes assigned to entries2252 section 4.4, 6.1 X
Bind authentication Cleartext1777 section 4.1, 6

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