Digital Context


Digital Context is the surrounding environment and circumstances that determine meaning of Digital Identity(s) and the Policy(s) and protocols that govern their interactions.

Digital Context has a set of zero or more Digital Identitys and would typically be identified by a ContextId.

Digital Context can be nested (e.g. Organizational Entities have sub-organizations, and there are systems within an enterprise/org, etc.) or related through other means (employment/HR system vs. customer system where same person is a customer and an employee). Thus federating the Digital Identity(s) relevant to those Digital Contexts provides a Federated Identity view of a Digital Subject (or at least a partial "overall" view to those Digital Context).

Digital Context maybe abstract#

Abstract Digital Context are not resolvable to a physical Context instance. These maybe configured only by relationships between Digital Identitys

Concrete Digital Context are not abstract. Some examples:

  • through a network (or local)

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