Things you Need to Know#

We think anyone who uses DirXML need to know about these resources.

Novell's IDM Product Pages#

Why Novell's IDM is different#

"Most suites (exception is Novell) were acquired product by product over time, so many of them have completely different underlying architectures. Enterprises tend to be responsive to the suite idea because of the relationship it creates with the vendor." -- Earl Perkins, research vice president, Gartner"

We think a big difference is in the following attributes of Novell's IDM product line:

  • eDirectory is entirely event enabled. Any change in eDirectory can be trapped and action taken based on any event.
  • Auditing - A number of years ago, Novell recognized that reporting data mining was and is much more so now, essential. Novell failed several times to get it right and then they architected Novell Audit. It was required that every product be "audit" enabled. SO every Novell product is designed to work with Novell Audit. Novell Audit was excellent at getting the information, but getting it out and deriving knowledge of the data, Audit failed miserably. Novell then acquired the Sentinel product. Sentinel is the product that can take the "raw" data and deriving useful knowledge. We would not say it is perfect, but it is getting better all the time.

DirXML Versions#

Well, the DirXML Engine Versions we have information about:

DirXML Required Reading#

If you want to be a serious about DirXML, then you should read, bookmark and probably print and save these DirXML Required Reading "articles".

IDM Information for Advanced Development#

You want to write your own driver or write programs to use with Novell's IDM product.

Specific Driver or Usage Information#

JDBC Driver Information#


Fan-Out Drivers#

LDAP Driver#

Microsoft Active Directory Driver#

IDM Best Practices Documents#

Some IDM Best Practices Documents

Some other IDM Pages#

Novell Entitlements#

Some details on Novell Entitlements


The dxcmd command line mode allows you to use script or batch files.

DirXML Error #

A page which shows some DirXML Errors and maybe some help with a solution.


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