DirXML is a Patch to DirXML Engine and DirXML Remote Loader version for DirXML Patch 2

Current Fixes in this Patch:#

IDM 402 Engine & Remote Loader Patch 2:
  • Update JRE to 1.7.
  • Bug 777933 - IDM Remote Loader console loses necessary data in config.txt files when changing config
  • Bug 797658 - Driver Health - Available History evaluation broken after 4.0.2 Engine Patch 1a
  • Bug 780340 - do-add-resource: Specifying target user using arg-association generates invalid user DN
  • Bug 791930 - .Net remote loader trace is being trapped by Interactive Service Detection
  • Bug 776160 - RemoteLoader always hard codes sharepoint driver class
  • Bug 762000 - Oracle driver has exception for check-password
  • Bug 819682 - time-out from the RBPM Actions causes all TCP/HTTP connects to fail

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