DirXML Engine

Novell's IDM Engine#

DirXML Engine uses a Publish-Subscribe Messaging pattern which consists of several components.

IDM Engine Flow

Subscriber Channel#

The Subscriber Channel defines and controls the Subscriber Flow of information to the Connected Application.

Publisher Channel#

The Publisher Channel defines and controls the Publisher Flow of information to EDirectory.

Translation Processor#

The Translation Processor is a part of the IDM engine that is responsible for converting information from the eDirectory domain (data format and schema structure/name) to the application domain, and vice versa.

Schema Mapping Policy#

The purpose of the Schema Mapping Policy is to map schema names (particularly attribute names and class names) between the Identity Vault namespace and the Application namespace.

Event Cache#

Data from EDirectory is evaluated against the Notify and Reset Subscriber Filter and then added to the event cache prior to continuation within the Subscriber Flow.

Novell IDM Driver Filters#

DirXML Events and Commands#

The distinction between DirXML Events and Commands is subtle but important.

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