DirXML Engine Version


How To determine the DirXML Engine Version.

DirXML Engine Version is NOT available as an Attribute on the DirXML Engine as it is for:

Linux Command-Line#

rpm -qa | grep DXMLengn


dxcmd -host hostname.willeke.com -user willej1adm.admins.esc.willeke.com -password <secret> -getversion
DirXML version is SE.
Driver set Driver Set.DirXML.esc..willeke.com.WILLEKE. is associated with the server.


Form Imanager using the "Versions Discovery" Tool:
Driver Set.DirXML.esc.willeke.com
 Collapse this node's display. 	 NCP Server 	idv01.servers.esc.willeke.com
Last log time: Tue Sep 23 12:13:17 EDT 2014
Found eDirectory attributes associated with Identity Manager SE

Using GetVersionResponse SupportedExtension#

We have tried several times to get the GetVersionResponse to make sense without any success.

Notes: Format of version number is as follows:

  • Bits 31-28 major version number
  • Bits 27-24 minor version number
  • Bits 23-16 patch or service pack level
  • Bits 15-0 build number

But when we decode this we end up with:

  • Bits 31-28 major version number - 4
  • Bits 27-24 minor version number - 0
  • Bits 23-16 patch or service pack level - 2
  • Bits 15-0 build number - 114
Which does not line up with: "DirXML Engine Version:" vs what dxcmd returns as: " SE" }}}

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Versions are designated similar to Identity Manager SE or Identity Manager AE which:

  • SE - Standard Edition
  • AE - Advanced Edition



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