DirXML Level Three Trace

Set Driver to Level Three (3)#

From Imanager:
  • Select DirXML Management | Overview
  • Select the driverset link (above the overview graphic)
  • Select the "Misc" tab and set the appropriate trace level from 1 to 3

LDAP or Other Means#

The three attributes that can modified or added are:

Normal troubleshooing should ONLY use DirXML-DriverTraceLevel. Do NOT use the XSLTrace Level attribute unless you are debugging style sheets as it will add a lot of data to your trace screen/file. For the JavaTraceFile the value should be a valid path and filename. The JavaTraceFile provides basically the same information as a DSTrace. The JavaTraceFile will keep using hard drive space as it captures information. Do NOT leave this value set for long periods of time.


Imonitor (NDSIMON.NLM (Novell Netware), NDSIMON.DLM (Microsoft Windows), ndsimonitor (Linux/Solaris/AIX/HP-UX) can be used from a web browser to get trace information:
  • Access iMonitor from :8008/nds>http://<server_ip>:8008/nds (default)
  • In the left frame select "Trace Configuration"
  • In the main body, select "Clear all" then select the checkbox for "DirXML" and "DirXML Drivers" from the lower panel
  • Click "Trace On", then click "Trace History"
  • Select the document icon on the right side of the entry listed as "Current" to view the live trace

Trace Levels and more Troubleshooting#

See A Methodology for Troubleshooting DirXML

NIDM Trace File Searches#

Some examples we found helpful for NIDM Trace File Searches

More Information#

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