DirXML Platform Services

DirXML Platform Services#

DirXML Platform Services (platform receiver agent) connects to a "Core Driver" and is provided the changes that have been gathered for the particular DirXML Platform Services that is connecting.

DirXML Platform Services for UNIX consists of three major components.

  • Platform Services Process: The Platform Services Process receives requests from other processes and manages communications with one or more core drivers for Authentication Services.
  • DirXML Fan-Out System Intercept: The System Intercept is implemented in most UNIX systems using a Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM). The Platform Services PAM module communicates with the Platform Services Process for password verification and password changes.
  • Platform Receiver: The Platform Receiver requests provisioning events from Event Journal Services and runs a Receiver script to carry out the appropriate action for each event as it is received.

Starting and Stopping#

Starting and Stopping the Platform Services Process#

Start the Platform Service Process upon system startup and stop the Platform Service Process during system shutdown.

Startup/Shutdown scripts are provided in the ASAM/data/UnixStartupScripts directory. When installed you can then use:

/etc/init.d/asampspd { start | stop }

You may also use the following command:

To stop the Platform Services Process, use the kill command.

Additional Information on the Platform Services Agent#

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