DirXML Remote Loader

Overview #

When using the DirXML Remote Loader and the DirXML Driver a server with the Remote Loader. The DirXML Remote Loader Identity Vault and the Metadirectory engine installed on the same server the Connected Application.

When using a DirXML Remote Loader, the DirXML Remote Loader DirXML Shim is loaded on the DirXML Engine which communicates to the DirXML Remote Loader which has the DirXML Driver for the Connected Application.

DirXML Remote Loader 3-Server

Some DirXML Remote Loader Scenarios #

The DirXML Remote Loader enables the DirXML Engine to exchange data with the Identity Vault as different processes and in different locations, including the following scenarios.

Non-Host NetIQ's term.#

The Non-Host as shown above using three different machines. This may be required as when you are running Lotus Notes on AIX and your DirXML Engine is on Linux. As the Lotus Notes Client requires a DLL to be used with the driver, it is possible to install a Windows Server to host the DirXML Remote Loader and the Lotus Notes client DLL.

In some clients, we often setup specific Linux servers that host DirXML Remote Loader with multiple DirXML Drivers for offloading connections from the DirXML Engine.

As far as we know, this is a Best Practices Remote Loader and each DirXML Driver runs as a separate process implying that even if one driver would crash the others will keep working.

Separate Process #

As a separate process where the DirXML Remote Loader is on the same server where the DirXML Engine is running:

However, for strategic reasons and to simplifying troubleshooting, you might want the Identity Manager driver to run as a separate process on the server. This is done by installing the DirXML Remote Loader on the same server as the DirXML Engine.

DirXML Remote Loader 1-Server

Connected Application Servers #

On the Connected Application server that is not running the DirXML Engine.

DirXML Remote Loader 2-Server

Some of the DirXML Drivers are unable to run where the DirXML Engine is running. The DirXML Remote Loader enables you to run the DirXML Engine in one environment while running an DirXML Drivers on a server in a different environment or on a different Operating System.

For example, you cannot run the Microsoft Active Directory Driver on a Linux server. The DirXML Engine can run on the Linux Server while the DirXML Remote Loader runs on an Microsoft Active Directory server.

Best Practice #

Best Practices Remote Loader describes why you should always us DirXML Remote Loader

DirXML Drivers That Support Using DirXML Remote Loader#

A list of DirXML Drivers That Support Using DirXML Remote Loader]

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