DirXML Required Reading

Required Reading for Novell IDM#

If you want to be a serious about Novell IDM, then you should read, bookmark and probably print and save these "articles".

To effectively know and use Novell's DirXML, you must know and understand the trace files. This article is not only an excellent reference to the trace file, but provides insight into some of the lessor known processes within the IDM engine.

Input-Output Transforms and Schema Mapping Policy#

Something very important to keep in mind, which is not mentioned in the documentation of in most articles, certainly not clearly, is the fact that Input-Output Transforms and Schema Mapping Policy are NOT part of the subscriber and publisher channels.

EVERYTHING coming from the application side will pass through input transforms and schema mapping and EVERYTHING that gets send on to the application will run through schema mapping and output transform.

This includes queries and their search results as well as status messages and direct, out-of-band object modifications. Even part of the driver start-up communication will pass through these.



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