DirXML-ApplicationSchema attribute Holds the XML file that describes the Connected Application's schema.

If the driver implements the getSchema() function, which the Microsoft Active Directory Driver, eDirectory, and others do support, then the returned schema info from the first driver start up will be stored in this attribute as an XML document.

You can also form iManager or Designer you issue the Refresh Application Schema command, the driver will restart and it will issue the getSchema() function call at that restart. When you watch a Microsoft Active Directory Driver start-up for the first time, you can see it takes a while as the entire AD schema is read.

Appears the getSchema() call does NOT update the DirXML-ApplicationSchema.

The value of the DirXML-ApplicationSchema is not believed to be utilized by the driver. The DirXML-ApplicationSchema value is used within Designer and Imanager to be able to display the schema of the connected application.

Though one would think it would be useful in a merge case to read the syntax of an attribute in the Connected Application to know how to approach merging the values, but as far as we know this is not implemented.


The schema-def element in the nds.dtd defines the format of this document. See schema-def.

Attribute Definition#

The DirXML-ApplicationSchema AttributeTypes is defined as:

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