DirXML-Entitlement ObjectClass#

DirXML Entitlements are implemented with the DirXML-Entitlement ObjectClass, which is contained by a DirXML-Driver object. The containment of the DirXML-Entitlement ObjectClass establishes the correspondence between the entitlement and the implementing DirXML driver configuration. The DirXML-Entitlement object's name is the name of the entitlement. The XmlData attribute of the DirXML-Entitlement ObjectClass contains an XML document whose root element is <entitlement>.

Novell’s Entitlement DTD.#

Novell does publish the Novell’s Entitlement DTD.

We have also found a an explanation of the Novell's Entitlment DTD

Granting and Revoking Entitlement#

An entitlement is granted to and revoked from an eDirectory object via the addition of the auxiliary class DirXML-EntitlementRecipient and the associated DirXML-EntitlementRef attribute to the eDirectory object. The DirXML-EntitlementRef attribute is of SYN_PATH syntax and is Write-managed.

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