DirXML-NamedPasswords often referred to as "Named Passwords" has an OID of 2.16.840.1.113719. and is an AttributeType on the DirXML-Driver and DirXML-DriverSet.

The Named Passwords property page allows you to manage (add, edit, delete) named passwords for the selected driver. You can define named passwords on both drivers and driver sets.

DirXML-NamedPasswords let you store multiple passwords securely by referring to each password by a key, or name. When you refer to the DirXML-NamedPasswords in a driver policy, you use the name only, not the password value. Then, when the driver needs the password value to execute the policy, it requests the password value from the DirXML Engine. This method lets you avoid revealing the password value in the code for a driver policy.

The following example shows how a named password can be referenced in a driver policy on the Subscriber channel in XSLT:

<xsl:value-of select="query:getNamedPassword($srcQueryProcessor,'mynamedpassword')" xmlns:query="http://www.novell.com/java/com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.XdsQueryProcessor/>

You can store and retrieve named passwords for any driver without making changes to the DirXML Shim.

NOTE: A driver developer can also customize a driver to use DirXML-NamedPasswords in other ways, such as retrieving DirXML-NamedPasswords when the driver starts up, instead of requesting them from the Identity Manager engine each time they are needed.

DirXML-NamedPasswords Encryption#

DirXML-NamedPasswords is Encrypted with the DirXML server Keys and do not replicate.

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The DirXML-NamedPasswords AttributeTypes is defined as:



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