Directory Partition Subtrees


Directory Partition Subtrees, in Microsoft Active Directory, Every Domain Controller contains the following three directory partitions:

Each Directory Partition Subtrees is a contiguous portion of the Directory Information Base, and each one starts at a single point (the directory partition head ) and spreads to either leaf nodes (for the schema and configuration directory partitions) or to the heads of other directory partitions below it (for Domain Directory Partitions).

Each Directory Partition Subtrees, therefore, has exactly one directory partition immediately above it in the tree (except for a tree root domain directory partition, which has only the rootDSE above it) and possibly more directory partitions immediately below it.

You cannot rename the topmost object in a directory partition, which means that you cannot rename a Configuration Directory Partition or a Schema Directory Partition or a Domain Directory Partition

Directory Partition Subtrees, order manifests itself in the Directory Partition Hierarchy

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