DirectoryStringFirstComponentMatch is a EQUALITY MatchingRule that compares an Assertion Value of the Directory String syntax to an Attribute Value of a syntax whose corresponding ASN.1 type is a SEQUENCE with a mandatory first component of the DirectoryString ASN.1 type.


the assertion syntax of this MatchingRule differs from the attribute syntax of attributes for which this is the equality matching rule

DirectoryStringFirstComponentMatch evaluates to TRUE if and only if the Assertion Value matches the first component of the Attribute Value using the rules of caseIgnoreMatch.

LDAP Matching Rule DirectoryStringFirstComponentMatch #

The LDAP definition for the DirectoryStringFirstComponentMatch Matching Rule is:

DirectoryStringFirstComponentMatch when used to compare two attribute values (of an applicable syntax), an Assertion Value must first be derived from one of the Attribute Values. An assertion value can be derived from an attribute value by taking the first component of that Attribute Value.

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