The DirXML-StatusLog is a muilti-valued attribute that is available on:
  • DirXML-DriverSet
  • DirXML-Publisher
  • DirXML-Subscriber

For logging purposes, we are interested in the following attributes:

  • DirXML-LastLogTime records the last time that a message was added to the log.
  • DirXML-StatusLog contains the actual error/warning message and object names.
  • DirXML-LogLimit defines the minimum and maximum number of events that can be stored for this object.

The "DirXML-StatusLog" and the "DirXML-LastLogTime" are flaged as X-NDS_NEVER_SYNC, which means they are NOT replicated across servers and therefore return different values when quering different servers.

The "DirXML-LastLogTime" attribute contains the last time in seconds since Jan 1, 1970 that an value was added to the "DirXML-StatusLog" attribute.

A typical value for the "DirXML-StatusLog" is an concatenated case-ignore-list attribute as:

<timeinsecondssincejan1970>$ <level>$<xml formated message>
At typical message would be like:
Fatal $
<status event-id="INO0S134#20050308070112#5#31" level="error">
Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that is already associated.
<component>Publisher</component></status> $

As this attribute has embeded carrige returns, it is difficult to read anf if exported, it will be base64 formated.

Our LDAPMonitor application reads the attribute values and performs the following on each value:

  • Removes all "line.separator" values
  • Parses the "$error$" and logs the event as an "ERROR", if any other values is found it is a WARN
  • Logs the formated message to the LDAPMonitor log file.