Distributed Reference Links
Distributed Reference Links (DRL) manage references throughout the NDS tree and are automatically maintained by the NDS Backlinker Process.

Distributed Reference Links identify a Partition Root Entry, and that the specified partition contains an object that references the object with the UsedBy attribute.

Distributed Reference Links (DRLs) work with NDS External References to maintain connectivity in the eDirectory tree.

Distributed Reference Links were added in NetWare 5.0 and replace BackLink. Distributed Reference Links have the advantage of referencing a Partition Root Entry rather than a specific server.

The BackLinks required a server to communicate with every server that contains a read/write replica of the partition the BackLink resides on. When information is needed about a DRL, any server with a replica of the partition can supply the information.

Starting with eDirectory (20801.46) the Distributed Reference Links (DRL) method has been removed!

Support for NetWare was removed in versions after eDirectory (20219.15)!

For backward compatibility with NetWare 4.x servers, eDirectory maintains BackLink with NetWare 4.x servers. However, these servers must be running at least NDS version 599a in a mixed NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5.x network.

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