Dump Password Information Tool-Trouble Shooting


All communications are performed over LDAP. However, some of the LDAP operations use Novell LDAP Extensions which perform NMAS functions.

We think you will see errors in these categories:

  • LDAP Connection or Authentication Errors
  • NMAS errors.
  • Bad or unexpected values being passed to the Application

LDAP Connection or Authentication Errors#

Usually these are because the application can not reach or authenticate to the LDAP server. You should:
  • Consult our LDAP Errors page for help.
  • Check the values you have supplied.
  • Try them in an LDAP browser.
  • See the debug.log file

If you have issues, check the willeke-app-debug.log, the entries there may help.

NMAS Errors#

NMAS documentation of errors from Novell is usually not very helpful. While perhaps it is technically correct, the resulting messages are usually not much assistance.

We have tried to document the errors as we have been able to determine. If you know something better about the errors, please advise

Sufficient rights (-1659)#

If you see: "(-1659) (NMAS_E_ACCESS_NOT_ALLOWED Indicates that the user does not have sufficient rights to perform the requested operation.) Typically this would be caused by one of two things:
  • The user specified in the bindDN does not have rights to read the NMAS information.
  • The password policy for the entry does not allow retrieval of the information.

Universal Password is not enabled for the Entry (-1697)#

If you see "(-1697) (NMAS_E_INVALID_SPM_REQUEST The requested password operation is invalid.) When you see this error from our program, it is typically Indicates NMAS Authentication enabled on the server but the Universal Password is not enabled for the Entry." This is probably because a nspmPasswordPolicyDN is NOT assigned to the user.

Bad or unexpected values#

You might see some of these:
  • If you are writing to LDIF file, you might see some sort of I/O errors; usually those errors will be reasonably easy to understand.
  • No Such Object - Usually the BaseDN is not correct.

Always look at the debug.log file.

More Information#

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