EDIM Analysis And Design


Translate Business Requirements as determined from the Needs Analysis Requirements into detailed functional requirements.

Occasionally the Analysis And Design may be broken up into more than one phase. The objective of keeping Analysis And Design into one phase is to keep the team that architects the solution through the end of design. Often we have seen the people who developed the Analysis different than the people who were doing the design. Occasionally this separation has caused some issues and an attitude that the Analysis was wrong and therefore the design is wrong.

Some of the items within the two phases may be able to be done in parallel.

Analysis Phase#

Regardless of if the Analysis and Design phases are separated or not, the Analysis needs to be completed before final design can begin. Deliverables from the Analysis phase are:
  • Analysis and verification that the products to complete the Needs Analysis Requirements
  • Finalize Overall Architecture Design
  • User Acceptance Tests

Design Phase#

The methodology for a Analysis And Design phase of a project is composed of the following basic tasks:
  • Setting up a lab environment (normally the responsibility of the client)
  • Kick-off meeting - Confirm the Project Plan
  • Validate the lab setup
  • Design (Identity Vault and Connectors)
  • Design review with Client
  • Development (Identity Vault and connectors)
  • User acceptance testing
  • Final Documentation
  • Client presentation

Project Plan#

The Analysis And Design Project plan should have been outlined during the requirements assessment. Generic time line for budgeting purposes might be:
  • Client setup of lab to may be completed prior to the start of the Analysis And Design phase
  • User Acceptance Tests should be completed and provided to the design team before Design begins.
  • ½ week for introduction and lab validation
  • 1 ½ week for design of Identity Vault, Architecture and Connectors (per the RA document specifications)
  • 3 weeks for development, initial load and testing of the Identity Vault
  • 3 weeks for each connector (includes development, unit testing and email notifications)
  • 1 week for UAT, document finalization and client review
  • Perhaps a week of fixes and additional UAT.

Determine the following:

Analysis And Design Phase Deliverables#

The deliverables at the end of the Design portion phase would include the following:
  • Configuration Worksheets - Detailed for each connector so a production employee could implement.
  • Full Data Mapping which includes:
    • Authoritative Source for each Attribute
    • Consumer data stores for each Attribute
  • Detailed Design Document - Suitable for an Architecture Review Board
  • Implementation Recommendations - All hardware and software requirements that are needed to perform implementation
  • Functional Requirements document
  • Communication Plans - How will and to whom needs-to-know implementation plans be communicated.
  • Maintenance and Support Recommendations
    • Hardware and software maintenance plans that should be enforced
    • Production Support staff requirements
  • Final Business Case
    • Business Benefits
    • Next Phase Plans
    • Road Map or Future for IdM Architecture

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