EDirectory is a Directory Product provided by NetIQ which supports LDAP, NDAP, DSML and some other directory protocols.

EDirectory Description#

EDirectory is a Directory Service which supports LDAP, NDAP, DSML and some other Directory Service protocols.

EDirectory is Event-triggered, that is any change to the DIT or DIB causes an Event-triggered that can be captured. Perhaps the Edirectory Monitoring MIB shows the events more clearly.

Installing And Configuring Edirectory#

Installing And Configuring Edirectory and various components.

Edirectory Maintenance Items#

eDirectory TLS#

Edirectory 8.8 And Why it is Different#

LDAP Edirectory TidBits/Anomalies#

Novell Directory Services (NDS)#

Notable EDirectory Versions #

Ldapwiki has some information on EDirectory Versions



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